18991899 On the 18th of june Hermann Stock founds a company for the repair of boilers and metalworking by purchasing a workshop in the Kieler Strasse.

19041904 The premises at the former site are soon too small: relocation to Rendsburger Strasse. Steel structures, mill accessories and bushwood chopping machines are manufactured here.

19321932 Death of the founder. Sell-off of the iron foundry which is then managed by his brother-in-law Reese.

19441944 By order of the government a production base is set up in today's Poland to manufacture submarine parts.

19491949 The first electric steam boiler is built.

19511951 The Hansa Rotor overpressure autoclave is launched, marketed by the company's partner Mittelhäuser & Walter.

19551955 Successful introduction of the fiveflue steam boiler. Followed by the stone hardening autoclave for the calcareous sandstone industry.

19691969 Change in ownership. The company is now managed in the third generation by Hermann Rudolf Stock.

19701970 The first year to graduate from KIN, Konserven-Institut Neumünster e.V., founded by H. Rudolf Stock in 1966.

1970 The cavitation tunnels for marine exploratory systems barely fit into the assembly hall.

1970 Founding of STOCK France.

19741974 Separation from M&W. The STOCK marketing staff took part in 14 trade fairs in one year.

19751975 Major contract: 14 autoclaves for SVK, Eberswalde.

1975 Founding of STOCK America.

19851985 STOCK takes over the Atmos autoclaves section from the Swedish Alfa-Laval group. Founding of the GmbH (limited liability company) and ownership handed over to H. Hermann STOCK.

19861986 "Rauma": the largest contract in the history of the company. Three autoclave systems are installed on board of Russian factory ships. Technical challenging, the systems had to work with sea swell and a gradient of 7.5°.

19891989 STOCK builds the first fully automatic ROTOMAT system for an Italian company, under the project name "La Doria".

19981998 The ROTOMAT SRI 1500-4 is presented at Chicago.

19991999 Company jubilee: 100 Years STOCK.

20002000 dft technology is founded as a service company by three former STOCK employees.

2003 STOCK became Satori Stocktec.

2005 Horst Hermann Stock changes to dft technology.

2007 The oscillating process achieves 20% shorter process times compared to the static sterilisation.

20082008 dft technology takes over the brand STOCK and starts the manufacturing on the traditional company site.

20112011 dft technology develops the Multiprocess Rotomat (MRX). It combines the flexibility of a rotary full-water-immersion autoclave with the efficiency of a spray autoclave. Depending on the product, the optimal process can be selected from batch to batch.

2011 Interpak In the same year, dft technology also introduces the Micro-Shuttle at Interpack in Dusseldorf. The Micro-Shuttle facilitates the loading and unloading of the autoclave significantly and shortens the time for the loading and unloading process.

20122012 dft technology supplies four steam-water-spray autoclaves with a length of more than 10m each to a customer in Germany and lets them float through the ceiling to the place of installation.

20142014 During Interpack, Düsseldrof, dft presents the renewed steam-water-spray autoclave with oscillation.

20162016 Seven multi-process autoclaves (MRX) with a capacity of six standard 1300-cages per autoclave are delivered to the USA. Intensive measurements on site confirm an excellent temperature distribution even for high rotation speeds.

2018 For a customer dft technology builds a new 1500mm diameter rotary full-water-immersion autoclave. It is a fundamentally revised version of the "old" 1500s. Overall, the development, which was done in close cooperation with the customer, took several years.

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