The Rotomat® Company

Variants for all requirements

Various as our customer's requirements regarding capacity and sterilization processes - our range of improved full water immersion retorts: from the 2-cage autoclave for small batches of high quality "delicatessen" up to large capacity retorts for high quantites.

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The Rotomat® Company

Process Variety, Safety and Economic Efficiency

The Multi-Process Retort Rotomat MRX provides a free selection of the sterilization procedure. For any product the customized process may be configured regarding content and packaging, safety, and consumption of energy, water, and time.

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The Rotomat® Company

Focus on the essentials

For the Basic series of autoclaves, the shower process has been technically and economically optimized in cooperation with partners, suppliers and customers. It is suitable for most products and packaging which can be sterilized in static mode.

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The Rotomat® Company

Pilot Retort Series for Research and Development

Indispensable for scientific institutes, food technology schools and R&D laboratories in the food industry. Ideal for processing small production quantities predetermined for market tests.

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Manufacturer for food retorts

Buy autoclaves directly from the producer

The STOCK program from dft technology offers food sterilization technology with a focus on STOCK batch type retorts and autoclave systems. You will find food autoclaves for various sterilization procedures and capacities, such as Full water immersion retorts, Multiprocess retorts or Shower retorts. As an autoclave manufacturer, we provide you with the right technology for thermal food processing.

Services such as start-up, validation and maintenance of autoclaves are also part of our offering. We also advise you on the best choice of sterilization process or process optimization.

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Food retorts: Tradition since 1899

dft technology has been started in 2000 and has owned the STOCK brand since 2008. The company is based in the well-known STOCK industrial park with over 100 years of machine building tradition.

The dft team stands for decade long experience with thermal treatment of food, an excellent base for competent customer service.

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Retort Generator

In the field of thermal processing of food, we offer many different solutions for a wide range of applications. As every product requires an individual pasteurization or sterilisation process, it is often difficult to select the right retort.

Find out in less than a minute which one fits perfectly to your project and how many machines you need to reach the desired output.
You will receive the result by mail.

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Cages for Autoclaves

Autoclave cages are used to take the packages (tins, glasses, pouches, etc.) in layers, either directly or with the help of cage inserts. Mostly the cages are made either from galvanized perforated steel sheets or from stainless steel grid (Fig. 1).


Anuga FoodTec 2024, Cologne

DFT Technology is once again taking part in this year's Anuga FoodTec in Cologne.


Pack Expo 2023, Las Vegas, NV

DFT Technology will also support its Stock America partners during Pack Expo in Las Vegas, NV, USA. Our team will be on site from Monday, 11th September to Wednesday, 13th September 2023.



Technology for thermal processing of food: The STOCK-Program by dft technology offers solutions for a wide range of applications.

Sample applications

Services from commissioning to process validation

The validation of systems and processes by dft technology ensures safety and compliance for customers and authorities.

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Control and Documentation

Modern controls offer significant improvement, flexibility, product quality and safety as well as process fidelity, even for used machines.

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Equipment for retorts such as cages / baskets, spacer mats, trolleys and trays for all makes.

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