Full water immersion retort

Automat / Rotomat:

The Universal Full Water Immersion Retort

Full Water Immersion Retort
  • Product Quality - one system for all requirements
  • Variety of containers - flexible without compromises
  • Food safety - oxygen free processing

Dairy Products, Baby Food, Convenience Food

Full water immersion counterpressure retort concept

  • Energy contained in the storage vessel allows for an extremely short temperature come-up-time.
  • Water envelops the containers - even temperature penetration into the product from all sides.
  • Optimised water circulation system guarantees homogenous temperature distribution.
  • Buoyancy in full water immersion relieves sensible containers as semi-rigid trays, pouches etc.
  • Counterpressure control with steam in the storage vessel avoids pressure peaks and minimises stress to packaging material.
  • Containers are at no process phase in contact with air - oxidation of products is securely excluded.
  • Even, gentle but nevertheless fast cooling avoids thermal shock and post-sterilisation cooking effect.
  • High temperatures, transferred swiftly into the product, ensure that the required lethality effect (F-value) is obtained as fast as possible.
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  • Forced convection due to rotary operation accelerates the heat transfer to the coldest spot in the containers, even with products of higher viscosity.
  • Short process times preserve natural quality, vitamins and nutritional values.
  • Agitation of the product during heating prevents burning on the container walls.
  • End-over-end rotation in an intensely mixed process water environment with its optimal heat transfer ensures the HTST (high temperature - short time) processing of most products.
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Procedure animation

Variants for all requirements

Various as our customer's requirements regarding capacity and sterilisation process - our range of full water immersion retorts: from the 2-cage autoclave for small batches of high quality "delicatessen" up to large capacity retorts for vegetable products in pouches.

The semi-immersion-rotary process, an option in each Stock Rotomat, meets highest requirements with reference to homogenous temperature distribution even with containers of a geometry, which otherwise impedes water throughflow.

Type, Diameter Cages/gross volume litre
Rotomat SRX 1100 2/730 3/1095 4/1460
Rotomat SRX 1300 2/1030 3/1545 4/2060
Rotomat SRX 1500 2/2050 3/3075 4/4100
Automat SAX 1100 2/730 3/1095 4/1460
Automat SAX 1300 2/1030 3/1545 4/2060
Automat SAX 1500 2/2050 3/3075 4/4100

Economic and clean

The use of heat exchangers significantly simplifies the incorporation of the retorts into energy and water recovery systems:

  • Indirect heating = recovery of condensate
  • Indirect cooling = multiple use of cooling water, cooling in a sterile environment
Baby food production line

High performing, flexible and economic:
Automated Batch Retort Systems

Manual loading and unloading of large capacity retorts requires great physical exertion. In this regard automatic handling systems from dft technology offer a substantial contribution of facilitation. A wide range, from manually operated packing supports to semi-automatic and fully automatic batch retort handling systems provides adequate solutions for any requirement.

Simplification of work flow with guaranteed flexibility!


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