STOCK batch type food retorts

Food autoclaves for sterilization

The universal Full Water Immersion Retorts are flexible without compromises. The Rotomat may be operated in the semi-immersion-rotary process.

The Steam Water Spray Retorts Autovap and Rotovap are characterized by low electricity, steam and water consumption.

The Multi-Process Retorts Rotomat MRX provide a free selection of the sterilization procedure.

Steam Water Spray Oscillation Retorts offer an economic alternative to rotation even for high capacity retorts

For research and development the Pilot Rotor retort series is available.

Types of food retorts

Retort Generator

In the field of thermal processing of food, we offer many different solutions for a wide range of applications. As every product requires an individual pasteurization or sterilisation process, it is often difficult to select the right retort.

Find out in less than a minute which one fits perfectly to your project and how many machines you need to reach the desired output.

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